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Thought for Sunday 26th January 2020

Third Sunday of Epiphany 


Today we wrap up an interdenominational celebration of Christian unity week, in which we’ve been mindful and particularly praying about churches across the world, and how Christ’s victory unites us together.


Our readings, especially our Pauline Epistle from 1 Corinthians 10, particularly reflect this. Especially as Paul is writing to what was at the time possibly the most diverse church in the world. In terms of background, wealth, education, previous religious belief, the church in Corinth was extremely diverse.


We’ll see throughout this text that when Paul calls us together, he will also go on to celebrate our individuality. Because of the perfect love of Christ, one of the mysteries of being part of his body as a church is that unity doesn’t have to cost us our personalities. But rather gives us reason to find joy in our uniqueness.


And so it is my hope that going on this week we’ll mindfully and prayerfully celebrate our personal strengths and the marvellous unique way God has made us And that alongside this, when we see new people in church, we’ll do the same for them.


Isaac Wilkinson

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