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Thought for Sunday 8th December 2019

Second Sunday of Advent

John the Baptist was a charismatic figure; subversive and uncompromising.  His appearance would have conveyed a person of radical character with a stark message. John was from the desert, the place of silence and isolation.  He swam against the contemporary current and it’s no wonder he lived alone.  He was in many ways the warm-up act before the main feature. He was also humble: John introduced people to Jesus and then stood aside.



Today we consider John as someone who dared to speak the truth.  We hear of his passion, courage and anger but also his simplicity, integrity and strength. His aim was to prepare his people for a demanding future which required a new kind of individual and a new kind of society.  John reminds us that the coming time of God’s rule will provoke crisis, for it will lead to a world renewed and transformed. The question is -are we ready for it?  


Andrew Shipton

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