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¹The basic fees are fixed by law and are the same for all Church of England weddings. The church fee covers the service of the minister taking the wedding, use of the church building, and all administrative costs. In addition, we charge for the services of a verger, who looks after the practical arrangements and ensures that the church is clean and tidy for the wedding day. If the marriage takes place by licence rather than banns, the banns fee is not required.


²This includes the fee for the organist and a contribution towards organ maintenance.


³This includes the fee for the bell ringers and a contribution towards maintenance of the bells.


⁴This includes the fee for the choir members and a contribution to the music fund. There is a rebate if the choir is below 10 in number.


⁵This relates to general facilities and consumables to operate the church and the building.


⁶This fee includes 1 pedestal arrangement, 2 altar arrangements and 1 porch arrangement. Pew end flowers are available at an extra cost. For information regarding flowers (including using your own florist), please contact the co-ordinator of flowers at All Saints', Mrs Pat Spong (0191  236 4532).