Funerals & Memorial Services


Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.’ Matthew 5:4


As well as being here for times of joy and celebration, the Church also exists to give hope and

comfort in more difficult and challenging times.


Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life, and that there is new life

in Christ over death. Even those who share such faith find that there is a real sense of loss at

the death of a loved one. The Church uses its funeral services as the means to share together

our feelings of love, grief, and respect for the departed and to express our faith in the resurrection

and to reflect on our own mortality.


Grieving and mourning are natural processes and are the price we pay for loving one another in this life. Those who mourn need support and consolation before, during, and after the funeral. The clergy regard support to the bereaved as a key part of their ministry and are always available to visit families to provide pastoral care and support during a bereavement.


The clergy will also discuss funeral options and help you to construct a service that will be a true celebration of the life of the departed. Funerals can be conducted by our clergy either at All Saints and/or at a cemetery or crematorium.


The funeral service is for friends and family to gather together, to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now completed its journey in this world, and to commend their loved one into God’s keeping.


Usually when a loved one dies, the first point of contact is the funeral director or one of the clergy. Your undertaker plays an important part in the coordinating of the funeral arrangements. They will advise on the fees for a funeral service at the church, at a cemetery, or crematorium. The fees for All Saints' are available on our fees page. Normally, your chosen undertaker will contact the Clergy on your behalf to arrange the time of the funeral and then a member of the Clergy Team will contact you to arrange a visit, where the funeral service is discussed and planned.





After the funeral, grieving is a natural and important part of coming to terms with a loss and it may continue for several months or even years. The clergy are always happy to help you in this transition. Comfort is also to be found in the promises of Jesus Christ, in the hope of the resurrection, and in the belief that the beloved person is safe in the hands of God.


When a funeral has just been attended by close members of the family, there may be a desire a little later on to have a service to remember and celebrate the life of the departed at which a wider number of people can attend. Over the years, All Saints has conducted a number of such services; please contact one of the clergy if you would like to discuss this further.


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