Mission of the Month









Mission of the Month for September is Northumbria Deaf Church based at

St Andrew’s Church, Newgate Street, supporting services for deaf people in

Northumbria and Durham by providing Lay Pastoral Assistants fluent in sign language.

Please show your support and donate to our Mission of the Month.

Each month any plate donations from our services are given to a nominated charity. All Saints underwrite the donations so that each nominated charity receives 5% of our unrestricted income. During the coronavirus pandemic donations for the Mission of the Month have reduced so dramatically that there has been significant additional expenditure in order to fulfil our underwriting obligation.

In order to manage the situation better, those not currently attending church services can make donations in the form of cash, personal cheques and CAF cheques for Mission of the Month by posting or delivering by hand to the parish office mailbox for the attention of the treasurer. Also donations may be made by online transfer into the All Saints’ bank account with the name of the appropriate charity as a reference.

It should be noted that any donations sent directly to the charities cannot be taken into account when considering All Saints’underwriting guarantee.

Thank you for your continuing support.


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